Create a local copy of Ghost JS production site

Jun 9, 2024    web  javascript  hosting 
How to replicate a ghostjs production installation including images

Learning Nodejs distributed systems Part 1

Feb 23, 2024    javascript 
I read one of the best books for nodejs - Distributed systems with node js by Thomas Hunter II. Documenting the learning here for quick reference.

Learning Typescript in 2023 part 4 - Advanced typing

Feb 23, 2024    typescript  javascript  nodejs 
In this article we will learn about some advanced typing constructs in TS.

Learning Typescript in 2023 part 3 - Classes and Interfaces

Feb 23, 2024    typescript  javascript  nodejs 
In this article we will understand how we can build classes and interfaces in typescript

Learning Typescript in 2023 part 2 - Configuration

Feb 23, 2024    typescript  javascript  nodejs 
In this article we will learn about Typescript configuration and various options provided to make our life easier while coding.

How to open website in fullscreen

May 13, 2023    javascript  web 
In this article we will learn about how we can enable fullscreen in a web app. We will also learn its side effects and issues.

Learning Typescript in 2023 part 1 - Basics

May 12, 2023    typescript  javascript  nodejs 
Learning typescript part-1. Just making a post on learning typescript in 2023 from scratch.

Weird console.log behaviour

Nov 23, 2020    javascript 
In this article I shall try to explain the weird behaviour exhibited by console.log function. Logging values is not as easy as it sounds.

Playing with arrow functions

Nov 8, 2020    javascript  ES6 
Arrow functions added in ES6 provide a good replacement for function expressions. But do you understand them completely? This is a small test to check it out.

javascript : void (0)

Oct 1, 2020    javascript 
Flash of Default Style is the issue which occurs when your user preferences take time to load and the web browser ends up showing the content with default styles for a flash of time.

Add PWA support to ghost blog

Sep 12, 2020    javascript  pwa 
Convert your ghost blog into a progressive web app. PWA enables your site to be installed on device and run as standalone native application instead of a browser.

Understanding Javascript hoisting

Sep 11, 2020    javascript 
Hoisting is an advanced and difficult to understand concept of Javascript. It becomes more challenging to follow when you deal with multiple scopes and declarations.

Understanding IIFE - Immediately Invoked Function Expression

Aug 3, 2020    javascript 
IIFE is an advanced design pattern used in Javascript. Because of the quirky syntax and how functions work in javascript, its a little difficult to understand concept.

Ghost casper theme customizations

Jul 7, 2020    ghostjs  javascript 
Here are a few things that everybody should do after setting up a new ghost blog. Some are optional and some are recommended. This list will expand with time.

The curious case of Javascript's typeof operator

Apr 26, 2020    javascript 
As we all know Javascript is weakly typed language and in general we don’t consider the type beforehand and just var it. Variables in JavaScript

Book Review : You don't know JS yet

Apr 7, 2020    javascript 
Though I have read the previous editions of the series. Here is a formal review of the Book “You don’t know” JS by Kyle Simpson.

Javascript property descriptors

Feb 3, 2020    javascript 
We all know Javascript is all about objects and functions. And an object is just a collection of properties. And of course every function

Javascript or Ecmascript?

Jan 26, 2020    javascript 
Ever got confused when the interviewer asked: Have you worked on ES6?