Playing days gone

Feb 16, 2024    gaming 
This is my experience of playing Days Gone including what did I enjoy and what I didn’t like.

Learning to fly on Microsoft Flight Simulator

Jun 19, 2022    gaming 
Learning to fly on Microsoft Flight Simulator. From basic VFR in cessna to commercial IFR including VOR, ILS, RNAV and auto pilot.

A complete guide to AMD eyefinity

Mar 26, 2022    gaming 
Complete guide to using AMD eyefinity multimonitor setup

A revisit to a classic game - XIII

Jan 5, 2021    gaming 
XIII(Say 13) had a place of its own in the gaming world. It was popular because of its comic styled artwork. Last year in November Microids released a remake of the original game.

Building a gaming PC in India

Dec 17, 2020    gaming  pc 
This article is about my experience of building a gaming PC in India. It lists my journey from initial search to assembling all the parts at home.

My experience with a gaming wheel

Aug 21, 2020    gaming 
If you like to play fast-paced racing games and want to experience realistic handling and controls, the answer is a racing wheel. I will talk about my first hand experience of using a Logitech G29 wheel.

Mudrunner - Not a review

Jul 2, 2020    gaming  hosting 
A brief review about a simulation game Mudrunner. Take this as more of a beginner’s experience which might help people understand the game(Simulator).

My experience with multi monitor setup

Jun 4, 2020    gaming 
Now a days connecting multiple displays to a system is common and has evolved a lot over the years. For example if you are connected