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Creating first AWS Lambda function

Jul 1, 2024    aws  nodejs 
Hello world is just pointless. Let’s dive into creating a real-world lambda function for building a web scraping tool.

Quickly arrange Multiple Windows in MacOS Using Applescript and automator

Jun 18, 2024   
Arrange multiple terminal windows in macOS quickly using Automator with some applescript

Create a local copy of Ghost JS production site

Jun 9, 2024    web  javascript  hosting 
How to replicate a ghostjs production installation including images

Customizing hugo theme for my blog

May 31, 2024    web  html 
Customizations and enhancements I implemented in my hugo theme

Forward emails from custom domain to gmail

May 25, 2024    web  email 
How to forward emails sent to your custom domain to your gmail

Migrating from Digital Ocean to Netlify

May 24, 2024    web  dns 
Final steps while migrating my DigitalOcean hosted website to Netlify.

Creating a static site with hugo

May 18, 2024    web  html 
Why I chose hugo and what all I did to convert my ghostjs website to a static website.

Why I chose hugo static site generator for my blog

May 17, 2024    web  html  hugo 
What were the top reasons which made me choose Hugo over other static site generators for my blog

Learning Nodejs distributed systems Part 1

Feb 23, 2024    javascript 
I read one of the best books for nodejs - Distributed systems with node js by Thomas Hunter II. Documenting the learning here for quick reference.

Learning Typescript in 2023 part 4 - Advanced typing

Feb 23, 2024    typescript  javascript  nodejs 
In this article we will learn about some advanced typing constructs in TS.