Customizing hugo theme for my blog

May 31, 2024    web  html 
Customizations and enhancements I implemented in my hugo theme

Creating a static site with hugo

May 18, 2024    web  html 
Why I chose hugo and what all I did to convert my ghostjs website to a static website.

Why I chose hugo static site generator for my blog

May 17, 2024    web  html  hugo 
What were the top reasons which made me choose Hugo over other static site generators for my blog

Creating a simple static site generator using handlebars

Nov 10, 2020    nodejs  html 
How to create a simple html generator using handlebars and nodejs.

Styling native html checkbox

Oct 10, 2020    html 
How to style html native controls like checkbox with css. Native elements can be styled using appearance property and ::before pseudo element.

FODS - Prevent flash of default style

Oct 7, 2020    html  css 
Flash of Default Style is the issue which occurs when your user preferences take time to load and the web browser ends up showing the content with default styles for a flash of time.

How to add custom static pages to ghost blog

Jul 28, 2020    ghostjs  html 
Ever in need of adding custom pages to your ghost blog integrated with your theme and menus. Here I present a step by step guide to add pages with minimal effort.