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A complete guide to AMD eyefinity

Mar 26, 2022    gaming 
Complete guide to using AMD eyefinity multimonitor setup

How authentication works?

Jan 30, 2022    web 
Lets learn about authentication in depth. At least the shallow depth that I can cover.

Win a tata nexon for free - a quick analysis of the scam

Oct 6, 2021    scams 
This article is about how people are scammed using simple sites and understanding a new technique that scammers employ to prevent fraud detection.

Debug chrome on android wirelessly from Macbook

Sep 26, 2021    android 
Debug webapps on chrome for android wirelessly from your Macbook.

Setup mysql and SQL Developer on macos

Aug 30, 2021    mysql 
Setup mysql server community edition with oracle SQL Developer on MacOS.

The contextual bias

Aug 22, 2021    opinion 
The excerpt for this article should not give you any context or should it.

Creating simple mock server using nodejs

Aug 11, 2021    nodejs 
While developing frontend apps we often need sample data. In this article I will share a very easy way to setup a mock-server using Nodejs native http module having enough flexibility required for custom logic.

Authentication vs Authorization

Apr 22, 2021    security  web 
Authentication vs Authorization

Setup simple analytics for Ghost blog using GoAccess

Apr 19, 2021    analytics 
How to setup native simple analytics on your ghost blog using GoAccess without third party plugins which could be blocked by many browsers and ad blockers.

Why phishing is still successful?

Mar 29, 2021    hacking 
Almost all organisations spread awareness about phishing to their employees and customers but do they really help? Here is my opinion on why those prevention tips are not useful for people.