The hazard light confusion on Indian roads

Feb 6, 2024    opinion  traffic 
This post is about my experience of using Hazard Lights or Double indicators (as what we call it in India) in traffic. I also present some authentic guidelines from Motor vehicle act.

The contextual bias

Aug 22, 2021    opinion 
The excerpt for this article should not give you any context or should it.

My take on cheap windows keys

Dec 15, 2020    opinion  windows 
Have you ever wondered how some retailers offer Microsoft Windows at unbelievable prices like Rs 700(5$). In this post I shall try to explore the reasons for these deep discounts and there genuineness.

Do programmers need to learn touch typing?

Nov 20, 2020    opinion  typing 
Do programmers need to learn touch typing? In this article I will discuss about my experience learning touch typing as a programmer. What are the pros and cons if you want to write code.