Create a local copy of Ghost JS production site

Jun 9, 2024    web  javascript  hosting 
How to replicate a ghostjs production installation including images

How to deploy multiple github repos on single netlify site

Nov 8, 2020    hosting 
Do you want to deploy multiple repositories under single hostname on netlify?

Extensions not working for firefox pdf viewer?

Nov 1, 2020    hosting 
In built pdf viewer Unlike chrome, firefox comes with a very versatile pdf viewer. When you open pdf links in firefox, the viewer loads the
feature-image is now

Jul 3, 2020    ghostjs  hosting 
A quick guide on how to update the domain name on a self hosted ghost blog with automatic SSL configuration.

Mudrunner - Not a review

Jul 2, 2020    gaming  hosting 
A brief review about a simulation game Mudrunner. Take this as more of a beginner’s experience which might help people understand the game(Simulator).

Ghost it or not!

Jan 26, 2020    hosting 
I always wanted to have a personal blog so I started looking out for options. One of the options was to create one. My requirement was just to have a working site where people can read articles and probably can comment on.