Developer. Artist. Human.

About the blog

I use this blog as a medium to capture my thoughts, opinions and learnings. The purpose of this self hosted blog was to understand various aspects of web hosting. Simultaneously to share my experiences with the community. Being an engineer most of my articles would be around technology with occasional post on miscellaneous things.

Other than my professional work, I like to

  • Play games on my PC
  • Capture moments using my phone camera
  • Play various sports
  • Read random tech articles
  • Listen to unsual rhythmic songs
  • Argue with others(not like Arnab though!)


By using this term I want to highlight that I have the analytical skills to find solutions to problems. I understand technology. I might not know how facebook determines unusual activity but I know how sessions work, how data gets transferred from your mobile to your friends screen. Irrespective of the tech stack you are familiar with, being a developer helps in understanding problems in a different way.


I think anybody who can communicate thoughts using any medium is an artist. Good or bad is just a relative. I find myself interested in many activities other than my professional work. Though I don't get enough time, I still try my hands-on whenever possible.


I believe in only one religion - Humanity. I learned many things. I made mistakes. Even now I might be making one. But its all a part of evolution. Together as a society we have grown a lot. We are now because of how we managed to create large civilizations. Of course as everybody else I am still on my way to find the meaning of life.